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Who: Shayla Diaz


WhatBasketball based webumentiaryog (web series/ documentary/ diary/ blog)


WhereMainly basketball games, tournaments, and events(youth and adult) in the NYC area. Footage of places off the court is captured, too. Since I’m capturing the events of my days, there's some footage of my route to and from games, inside restaurants, on the street, at events, etc. 


When: On the days I attend basketball games and events.


Why: I chose to start this docu-vlog because my life revolves around basketball, whether I’m attending games, coaching, or playing. The atmosphere at these games and tournaments are interesting, energetic, fun, and addicting. Last summer, I decided to transition into videography and make something more out of what I see and experience.

     My docu-vlog features the basketball talents of players and coaches by having game footage. I, also,  display off-the-court “snapple facts” from players, coaches, spectators, organizers, etc. Via the "snapple facts," different information is discovered- attended schools, majors, other talents, history with team/ tournament, etc.

     Through my videos, the culture in and around the game is captured. Nothing compares to the culture and many don't have a chance to experience it. Through my posts, people are able to have an experience, especially, since everything is captured through a first-person point of view. I'm in the mix and I'm maneuvering around in uncensored and unscripted environments.


How: I will just be walking around with a handheld camera :)

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